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Teresa Olson Sister-in-law July 5, 2013
There are many memories, but, three stand out about Karl...

First, is that I, initially, thought Karl was pompous and full of himself without a true care for others. I soon came to know I WAS WRONG, especally about the uncaring part.

Karl shared his big, generous heart toward those in need, and expressed it in his own unique ways.  He truly enjoyed using his skills and talents to help others who couldn't help themselves.  I recall that Karl designed and custom-made a hand-powered, low-to-the ground tricycle for a man (veteran ?) who had lost use of his legs.  It was one of many similar projects to bring some joy and mobility to, both, children and adults.  These projects started as scraps and were turned into engineering marvels of mobility!

Third, is a memory when Karl "saved my bacon".  I was desperately trying to finish readying my former home (turned into a rental) for renters, for whom I had already had to delay their move-in date.  I had been, for God knows how long, trying to prepare the entry door and jam for a new dead bolt and entry hardware.  I had done it before in my own home, so thought I could handle the job.  However, I became utterly frustrated and exhausted in my efforts.  Val and Karl had been at the rental for awhile, doing other things to help out.  Karl even offered to see what he could do to end my "suffering".  My dignity and pride in being handy interfered with my sensibilities, so I politely passed on his help.  Eventually, in desperation, I invited him to see what he could do.  I chuckle, now, as I recall how quickly and pleasantly Karl took care of what I struggled so long to accomplish.  It meant a BIG bunch to me, along with his other great help.

I pray the pain of Karl's loss, especially to my sister, Valerie, and his daughter, Cassandra and her family, will lessen over time, as sweet memories are kept and new lives forged.  I love each of you and lift you in prayer through Christ Jesus the Lord.

Lori Dollarhide Memories April 11, 2012

I met Karl & Val almost 30 years ago.  I didn’t know what to think of Karl.  He was loud, and boisterous, and full of himself.  I couldn’t figure out what this sweet, soft spoken woman was doing with this giant of a man, who told me he was glad I got to meet him.

But as I got to know him, I began to see beyond his gruff exterior.  What I saw was a gem of a man; a diamond in the rough.  He was larger than life, with a heart of gold.

I was truly honored to stand up for Karl and Val on the day they were married.

Then came the Kinetic Sculpture Race years.  For those who don’t know, a Kinetic Sculpture is a human powered all terrain vehicle that is also a work of art.  It’s a 3 day, 42 mile race from Arcata to Ferndale, over land, sand, mud, and water.  Karl, Val, and Cassie were the pilots.  Me, my family, and a handful of other friends were the pit crew. 

Karl and friends built the vehicles – Val and friends did the artwork.  The motto of the race is [we do this] "For the Glory", and Karl took that very seriously.

My son Matthew says that the race gave new meaning to the term pit crew, because sometimes it meant pushing the sculpture up muddy hills, pulling it across sand dunes, and rescuing it before it sank in the bay. 

There were moments when the rest of us were ready to give up and go home.  It was a gruelling race, and we were give out.  But not Karl.  He said we were not giving up, even if it meant pushing the damn thing across the finish line.  He said we were doing it For the Glory, and so, we did.

Apparently his determination rubbed off on the rest of us, because there we were, the next year doing it all over again – For the Glory Bradshaw!

Karl was one of the few people I’ve ever known who was able to live life on his own terms and pull it off.  No doubt he’s up there in heaven right now telling God how HE thinks things ought to be run!

Yeah, I’m glad I got to meet you Karl.  Thanks for being my friend.  I’ll see you when I get there.

Sally Lunn Freind March 12, 2012
I remember I  let Karl  borrow an engineering book that I thought  he might find interesting and as time passed and he still had my book , it became clear that I was going to have to bribe Jerry with cookies in order to get my book back ... the brat!  after all "she's a girl , what does she need it for?" he asked. You gotta love him ! as we will always keep him in our hearts.
He will always be Einstein to me.. my deepest condolences to the entire family.
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